The Epic

Author: DamMusicRecordsPrice: $5

Epic Trailer, Epic Music, Epic Inspiring, Epic Cinematic.

Strong, powerful dramatic, epic, cinematic trailer with epic hoards, powerful brass, melodic strings and choir.

Included 3 version 2:08, 1:16, 0:31

Epic, Powerful, Background For Intro, Film and Cinematic video projects .You can use this music in Youtube video, Motivation video, Cinematic Project, Advertisement, Action Trailers. Blockbusters, Dramatics, Hollywood, Cinematic Science, Videohive projects, Dynamic Videos and projects

Epic Motivational Inspiring Battle music is cinematic orchestral track with sounds of trailer music, and dramatic melodies with strings and brass, and powerful percussion

This cinematic trailer is good for epic videos, trailers, games, intros, action battle videos, advertising, film and movies trailers.

This Track sound is Strong, powerful, cinematic, Motivational, Inspiring, Dramatic, Victory, Brass, Epic, Powerful percussion, Action, Blockbuster, movie and film trailer, teaser, superhero, heroic atmosphere, heavy brass, bright, melodic strings, orchestral and piano sound, Youtube intros and advertising, clean sound